Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The Peachy Palette I Can’t Get Enough Of!

This Christmas I was lucky enough to get my hands on Too Faced Cosmetic’s ‘Sweet Peach' Palette. This gorgeous 18 piece eyeshadow palette is one i’ve had my eye on since it was released last year. The packaging, in true Too Faced style, is gorgeous and the shadows themselves are highly pigmented and scented like your favourite 00’s gel pen… What’s not to like?

I’ve been reaching for this product every day since it was gifted to me (thanks mum!) AND It was so worth the shipping delays and Instagram stalking. The shades themselves range from shimmering neutrals to sunset oranges, earthy greens and deep plums. Simply stunning. 

I really enjoy the fact that this palette is both generous on both the showstopping colour and champagne nude front. Those lighter shades are always the ones I finish first so it’s refreshing to see a palette that really caters to that highlight we all love! The shades ‘White Peach’ and ‘Bellini’ are my favourite for those inner corners. A real ‘Tah-Dah’ effect. 

For me, there is something so glam about the bronzed sunset shades in this palette. I love creating a smokey eye with warm browns and earthy greens, something that really works with hazel/emerald eye colours. For that, there is a clear winner in this palette: the gorgeous ‘Summer Yum’. I will never tire of this warm shade. I typically blend it right into the crease, using my fluffy Zoeva cosmetics shadow brush to reduce sharpness and create a soft, ethereal winter look. 

This product is gorgeous and I’d go as far as to say I prefer it to the classic ‘Chocolate Box’ set. The colours are so flattering, the packaging is super aesthetically pleasing and you can easily create countless contrasting looks with just one product. Pick this up while you still can! Love.

Speak soon, 

Katy xoxo

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Winter Reading List

You know it's Christmas when you have time to get stuck into a good book. To toss the to-do list, camp out on the sofa with a cup of tea and a battered copy of your favourite old novel. Christmas is the time to re-read Little Women, Harry Potter, Bridget Jones' Diary? To get a little lost in your favourite fictional world. I've compiled a short list of some of my literary recommendations for this festive season. Get a cuppa and get stuck into this. 
I Love Dick - Chris Kraus

This book is something else. The novel is a semi-autobiographical, semi-fictitious account of Kraus’ actual marriage to Sylvere Lotringer and her subsequent semi-fictitious, semi-autobiographical relationship with Dick. The novel comprises a series of letters, phone calls, emails to Dick (Richard, don’t get too excited). Kraus’ novel is Butler-esque in its unashamed brand of feminism. The protagonist’s infatuation with her lover completely overrides the redundant passions within her own marriage. However, most crucially throughout the course of the novel, and her correspondence with Dick, Kraus comes to realise that her worth ought not to be equated to her relationships with either of these men. I adore this novel. It was first published in 1997, but has acquired cult status in recent years. Think Girls, think Fleabag, think Simone de Beauvoir. Read it. 

This is something a little different. What We Talk About When We Talk About Love is a collection of short stories, published in 1981. Some of the stories were initially published in magazines/as part of serials. I love the short-story genre as it is immediately gratifying. Carver is master of this style. My favourite piece within the collection is the first one, ‘Why Don’t you Dance?’. These stories are more than their page numbers. You’ll be left chewing on these plots a long time after the book is closed, which is all we can really ask of fiction. This would be a lovely Christmas gift. 

This Modern Love is another collection. Youtuber Will Darbyshire produced the book earlier this year. It’s a compilation of love letters, heartbroken rants, pleas for forgiveness, FU’s. It’s basically a patchwork of relationship ramblings that we can all relate to in some way or another; and it’s brilliant. There is a page for each of us. The book is beautifully put together and features submissions from teenagers and grandparents alike. It’s proof that love exists and that we are not alone. It’s a book I will consult after first dates, breakups, fights for a long time to come. 

Becoming, by Laura Jane Williams (Superlatively Rude) is a book that I read in stages. I have consumed Laura’s blog for a year or so now. I now read her Grazia column like gospel, listen to her podcasts… I’m hooked. Her mantra resonates with me on a near spiritual level: “BECAUSE NONE OF US IS FUCKING UP LIKE WE THINK WE ARE, IS WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY”. I didn’t gorge on Becoming in quite the same way. I read it chapter by chapter, with breaks in between. Partially, due to university assignments taking over my life and, of course, partially because I wanted to savour each detail. Laura writes about love, lost hope, messy relationships, how it’s okay not to know what you’re doing so long as you know who you are. It’s a book I hereby prescribe to every 20 something feeling lost. Put it on your Christmas list. 

The Marriage Plot - Jeffery Eugenides 

Last up is a book I picked up because i’m an idiot. I’m writing my dissertation on the evolution of the Marriage Plot, from Victorian tradition to sci-fi future, I want to understand the effectual breakdown of this tired and restrictive tradition. So I googled ‘The Marriage Plot’ and blindly purchased this book. Totally useless for my degree, but by happy coincidence, I bloody love it. Written by the author of Middle Sex and The Virgin Suicides (of Kirsten Dunst cinematic fame) the book follows Madeline Hanna as she cobbles together her undergrad thesis. The book tackles issues of love, breakdowns, spirituality, the pursuit of happiness. It’s an uncomfortable read, in parts, but it’s a torture of the sweetest sort. I’ll be reading it again. 

Peace out, pals. 


Monday, 12 December 2016

Festive Favourites Haul

12.12.16. Assignments are in, the tree is up, mince pies are out and I'm so ready for this festive season to begin. 2016, you have tested us all. Here's hoping the world gets a break this Christmas. I don't usually think much of the 25th of December. It always seems like more hassle than it's worth. Tensions are usually high and there's inevitably far too much sherry on the go. But this time, things are a little different. It's been a year of uncertainty, change and downright madness so I plan to savour each minute of this Christmas. To enjoy every moment (mince pie) of these festive traditions that keep us grounded and remind us what's really important. Taking stock, of our lives and of eachother. 

That in mind, this post seems a little trivial. But, if you're anything like me the past few months have been hazy. Full of deadlines, full of chaos and not a lot of self-care. Winter is a cruel love. She makes us sick, she is cold but she is worth it. I've picked up a few festive favourites to help relax into the season. These gorgeous pick-me-ups are treats that would also make thoughtful gifts; Santa loves a bath bomb, after all.

I picked up a few bits from LUSH and The Body Shop. First up, a couple of LUSH's Christmas collection bath bits, because nothing says winter warmer like a relaxing soak in the tub. Today I nabbed a 'Magic of Christmas' wand and the adorable 'Snow Angel' bath melt. These products look and smell delicious. They are glittery, gorgeous and cruelty-free!

While I was in LUSH I picked up an old favourite, one of their fresh face masks in 'Brazened Honey'. This detoxifying mask is perfect for winter skin. It contains warming ginger and zesty lime juice to really brighten up the face, combat any blemishes and unclog pores. Alongside these skincare bits, I treated myself to something glam for upcoming Christmas parties. A golden creme eye shadow. Because look at that pigment! Will follow up with a festive makeup look so you can see how it looks on (I'm so excited!)

What else... The Body Shop. The Body Shop have a whole range of festive favourites in store. Their main ranges being, 'Frosted Berries', 'Spiced Apple' and this, the 'Vanilla Chai'. For me, both the berries and apples reminded me of naff alco-pops. Their scent is a little (lot) over-bearing and I imagine taking a bath in them might feel more like drowning in Apple Sourz than treating yourself to some needed relaxation. I mean, if I'm going to smell of booze, I may as well have had the night out.

It's not all bad though because I'm in love with this Chai range. These products are gorgeous. A to-die-for blend of warming indulgence and festive-ness; smells like a Starbucks, without the calories. I picked this scent up in both the sugar body scrub and butter, products I already know and love, in a flavour I can't wait to try.

That's all folks.

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